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Press Release - Trademark Infringement with Giant Mobile Home Manufacturer

Titan Tiny Homes Has Agreed to Change Their Name to Bantam Built

Chicago,IL  / Release: January 2nd, 2019 /  For Immediate Release

Nearly four years after Bob Clarizio, (Founder and CEO) started the company, Titan Tiny Homes will change its corporate name to Bantam Built. 

Bantam Built transitions the branding of Titan Tiny Homes by keeping the Trailer Symbol that the market has come to know. 

CEO Bob Clarizio has come to an agreement with a long known mobile home manufacturer who brought forward a trademark stating that the ownership of the trademark "TITAN" has been registered for their use in the modular and RV manufacturing 

(class 12: mobile homes) space since 1989. (trademark register number: 1,540,378)  

Mr. Clarizio said "Honestly things move so fast in a start-up company.  We are taking this small bump in the road as a huge compliment to our brands awareness.  I never thought we would grow to a point that this sort of thing would even have been an issue." 

When asked about the business name change, the Founder and CEO of now Bantam Built shared that this re-branding said tiny in a fun new way.  Given that the word bantam means: small domestic fowls that are often miniatures of members of the standard breeds. 

Bantam Built, formerly Titan Tiny Homes, entered the US market in 2015. The company built its first tiny house on wheels in 2015 after entering into a television contract with iTV- Creative, formerly Loud Television to aid in the development and production of tiny houses on wheel for their show "Tiny House Nation". 

In November 2016, Bantam Built, formerly Titan Tiny Homes finished the last episode with iTV. Bantam has, however built and shipped dozens of their homes all over the US since 2015.

Interested parties can learn more about the products offered by Bantam Built on the company website: https://bantambuilthomes.com 

Contact info:

Organization: Bantam Built 

Address: 1640 Shanahan Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177 

Phone: 847-443-4096

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